All of our fences are constructed using a maximum post-to-post pitch of 6ft (1.8 metres) to ensure fence stability. Our fence posts have a minimum diameter of 4" (100mm) which make the posts stronger and easier to work with.

As a general rule, the post holes are dug so that the posts sit a third in the ground leaving two thirds above.

With any fence, the wood will come into contact with soil and will therefore be prone to decay. For that reason Copper Tops recommends a decay-resistant product such as double-pressure treated timber from Rattery Saw Mills. Such quality timber does not require further treatments which can be both expensive and time consuming.

We use a standard 5:1 mix of wet concrete to secure all of our fence posts which we vibrate to ensure maximum coverage around the post.

All our fencing products are secured using galvanised nails or external grade screws.


The polaroid images to the right are examples of our typical fences however bespoke fences can be tailor made to suit your requirements. We will be happy to discuss this with you should you need assistance.


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